Socio-economic factors affecting health status of Musahar Women

Author : Ram Narayan Mahto
Submitted Date : 2009-07-22 12:24:29




The research has been carried out in Baramajhiya VDC of Saptari district of Nepal. Stratified and simple random sampling method has been used for sampling and 285 male and 293 female have been selected as field survey sample. The main objectives of the study are: to analyze the socio-economic factors affecting health status of Musahar women and to explain how these factors affects the health of married Musahar women.Early marriage prevails in the Musahar community so majority of the respondent is between 25 to 34 ages. The study indicates that 96.70% respondents are illiterate and none of the Musahar women has completed primary level education. Regarding health care, 30% had health check-up during their pregnancy; 35% of the respondents had tetanus vaccine during pregnancy; all of the respondents had their delivery without trained medical person and 40% of the respondent immunized their children according to their age. The health status of Mushahar is miserable due to poverty and illiteracy.
Key words: Musahar women, Health status, Illiteracy and Saptari district





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