Energizing Social Mobilization of Women through Aama Samuha (Mothers’ Group): A Case of Morang District

Author : Ms Purna Kumari Lingden
Submitted Date : 2009-12-28 11:07:46


Mothers’ Groups (MGs), a non-political group, have played a significant role on women’s empowerment and mobilization at grassroots. This study aims to assess the role of Mothers' Groups in social mobilization and women empowerment. The study includes three MGs of Tandi VDC of Morang district in Eastern Nepal. The data have been collected from altogether 15 males and 20 females of MGs’ executive members.
The study shows that MGs primarily focus on social awareness of child care, primary health care, nutrition, sanitation, cleaning-up programmes and family planning. Nevertheless, self induced MGs seem more active and creative. Additionally, the study finds that MGs play significant role in increasing participation of women in School Management Committee and Forestry Users’ Groups. 54 % of the MG members have informed that they have been involved in such institutions with self-motivation. However, MGs could not play effective role towards capacity building of mothers as they are less equipped in terms of education, self-confidence and entrepreneurial skills. Further, MGs face financial constraint as well as less support from social leaders. Nevertheless, the study recommends for large scale study for more comprehensive analysis.
Key words: Aama Samuha (Mother Groups), Social Mobilization and Women Empowerment



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